Come for the freaks.. stay for the fun!

these are a few of my favorite things

reveries.. a deep state of daydreaming. imaginative thoughts indulged in

1. the tabloids and swedish fish on a rainy day
2. soft new pajamas
3. the killer section in the bookstore
4. cracker barrel sharp cheddar cheese
5. talking in my sleep
6. giant bonfires
7. swifty parker, head forest ranger
8. slumber parties with my kids
9. lemonade from the fair
10. vanilla mint toothpaste
11. performing dangerous stunts
12. a new package of medium point markers
13. lilac bushes
14. being a gypsy
15. french toast sticks
16. sarah's laugh
17. a new silver bracelet
18. the scent of sweet water
19. when i'm the dart champion
20. the middle of the night
21. karaoke
22. a new pair of sweet eyeglasses
23. Curb Your Enthusiasm
24. dinosaurs and deer
25. wind chimes
26. orange and yellow leaves
27. hearing a faraway train in the distance
28. rasberry italian cream sodas
29. decorating a room
30. the bad seed
31. the first drink of my starbucks
32. soft water
33. seyonces
34. sateen sheets
35. blistex cherry splash lip infusion
36. when my stomach hurts from laughing
37. short men
38. bette davis movie marathons
39. thin greasy pepperoni pizza
40. heavy winds, especially whistling
41. putting heads on bodies that don't belong to them
42. ghost hunting
43. lilli when she punches
44. lotion on my feet
45. helicopter rides
46. kisses from my corgi bella
47. singing in my car
48. peanut chicken
49. when max visits for 5 weeks instead of 9 days
50. writing poetry
51. fresh lime and orange juice
52. dreams that come true
53. waking up on woman lake
54. going on location
55. christmas shopping
56. playing funeral family kickball
57. the smell of downy vanilla lavender
58. skiing on a calm lake
59. everything about kip stone
60. being in the front row at a concert
61. riding my horse Yo-Jo down a steep hill
62. cooking all day for my family
63. original flavor taco doritos
64. creating video masterpieces
65. the sound of someone else doing my dishes
66. stump boy and richard
67. the counting crows and tool
68. frozen graveyards
69. banana chewy runts
70. an unexpected check in the mail
71. Sephora
72. watching my kids and dogs with their christmas stockings
73. Irish men, especially angry ones
74. twirling on top of a mountain when the sun's coming up
75. surveillances
76. stained glass
77. the sound of our grandfather clock
78. wearing costumes for no reason
79. trying to speak chinese
80. dancing on stage and in store windows
81. fortune tellers
82. snowstorms that made school cancel
83. watching lilli take 2 hours to eat 1 vanilla wafer
84. standing in a late night thunderstorm
85. making max a cheesecake from scratch
86. knowing my house is haunted
87. a gig with the rudkin family band
88. shopping for hours at ross with sarah
89. having bisbee all to myself
90. tuna twist mix from the 70's
91. sitting all night in front of my fireplace
92. pier one smoky amethyst candles
93. andy capp's barbeque fries
94. flying (not in a plane, just with my arms)
95. making up recipes
96. gretchen t. bratwurst
97. brownies and watermelon together
98. waking up at four a.m. for no reason
99. the entire demeter fragrance library
100. wig heads and mannequins
101. the smell of playdough
102. maxfield parrish

102 Things I Hate

1. taking lint out of the dryer
2. flat, diet or watered down pop
4. security guards (their outfits, shoes, personalities)
5. drivers license photos
6. dead or plastic flowers
7. grocery store deli food
8. lighters and pens that don't work
9. the grateful dead and their followers
10. pickles and their juice
11. perms (their smell and appearance) (see above)
12.drunk or stupid people
13. rebooting, reinstalling & reformatting
15. flat pillows
16. underwear in your crack
17. cats and the people who own them
18. men (or women) with rippling muscles
19. golf, algebra, wrestling and hardware stores
20. dirty fingernails (and hangnails)
21. the inside of my bellybutton or ear being touched
22. socks where the foot part is too small
23. the cold jelly that forms on a cooked chicken
24.people who clap to music anywhere, especially at a concert (this includes your fist or a lighter in the air.. UGH)
26. acrylic, fur and polyester
27. church people and their food
28. tall men
29. any food from the mall
30. the useless hours between noon-four
31. feminists: their beliefs and rallies
32. rust on anything
33. schnapps
34. bats, flies and mice
35. news anchors and their fake banter and ridiculous hand gestures
36. hair roots
37. adults who wear cartoon characters on their clothes
38. sweat pants in public for any reason, at any time on anyone
39. standing in line anywhere
40. the smell of an elementary school
41. pathological liars
42. Accidentally hearing the theme songs to Jeopardy and Mash
43. putting gas in the car
44. broken promises
44B. that big gross blob in the can of baked beans (and the beans themselves)
45. meat that's pink in the middle
46. bra wires
48. lost calls
49. tatoos and piercings
50. the word "whatever"
51. orange tans
52. carpeting
53. mixed vegetables
54. cheap purses
55. wolves, dolphins, and butterflies on anything
56. big dangling earrings
57. leg nubs
58. smoke alarms
59. humidity
60. the roller coaster
61. the library
62. closing time anywhere
63. sideburns and unibrows
64. brass and gold (as opposed to chrome and silver)
65. the smell of nail polish remover
66. static cling, balls, stains, hair or lint on clothing
67. all cartoons, except beavis & butthead, even when i was little
68. fish, olives, liver, mustard and mushrooms
69. collected spit in someones mouth corners (ever heard of swallowing?)
70. maps, instructions and graphs
71. pointed shoes of any kind
72. dead batteries
73. the cherokee section in target
74. fake smiles and boobs
75. necklaces and bracelets on men
76. gospel, country, jazz and techno music
77. all alcohol drinks except Bailey's and coffee
78. stale and light cigarettes
79. star trek and dungeons and dragons
80. the amount of handicapped parking spots
81. cowboy boots, line dancing, belt buckles, hats and wrangler jeans
82. realtors
83. dark chocolate
84. hard water
85. the radio and all d.j.'s (and the 6 songs they play)
86. toothpaste tubes
88. airplanes and all of their employees
89. country crafts, wicker baskets and wreaths (please don't show me)
90. people who are late (unless they're late because they were buying me a gift)
91. Oprah, Jay Leno & that smug old prune Barbara Walters
92.any sandwich (tuna, turkey) made outside of my home
93. the smell of chlorine, swimming pools with strangers in them
94. mustaches, especially on women
95. the freeway (I don't want to merge)
96. cheap shampoo and bath products, especially paired with hard water
97. "Store bought" (huh) cakes (what is that frosting made of?)
98. varicose and spider veins
99. people who can't admit their wrong
100. staged homes (No one on earth has a fruit basket or an apple pie in the oven, but nice try)
101. cloth car seats
102. the beatles (oh shut up, they weren't that cool)

I Need a Phonecall

you are now entering bisbee
nighttime bisbee view from house in the hills

Bisbee comes alive at night with the spirits of those trapped in it's elusive spell

Disturbed Women such as this one are often seen dancing in windows on the street

The Very Haunted Copper Queen Hotel
When photographing The Copper Queen Hotel, the sad image of a woman who appears to be waiting for someone showed up on our photographs.. there was no one there.
We heard a woman's desperate voice shouting what seemed to be the words "Can't you see me?" over and over

We were able to capture this apparition of what appears to be a lonely angel wandering the streets of Bisbee

The Shady Dell is conveniently located next to a haunted graveyard where we have heard loud footsteps

snow in Bisbee
Monsoon season. Seconds after this shot, it began to pour rain

Long stairways with 200 or more stairs wind through the hills for easy access to the homes. No solicitors will bother you here!
Unfortunately, some collapse before they get to where they're going

Audrey's Inn

You said you'd be here by nine

The End of the Road

Looking down over Brewery Gulch
My brother, Major Mike, took us on our first visit to Bisbee, where we met one of the town's friendly residents, Grandpa Woodstock

grandpa woodstock today
"didn't we have a good day? it was such a good day"

I spent time at a small weekend house there, high in the hills, and alive with spirits. You are instantly back in time about 80 years. I loved that for the first time in my life, I wasn't "freaky enough" to fit in somewhere.
We filmed hundreds of music videos and movies there, with every location more unique, scarier, and prettier than the last. All my footage of Bisbee is truly hypnotizing. I want to live there. I feel drawn to it's haunted isolation. I found it to be very comforting and friendly, while still feeling ominous enough to hold my interest. I spent an entire summer there with my son, and it was the best time we'd ever spent together. It was because it was the only time ever that we didn't yell at each other, not even once.
I had gone on location hundreds of times with my daughter, but this was standing ovation fun. We went on a multiple video shoot (is there any other kind) there that lasted from afternoon until late at night. We had very difficult conditions, but Sarah went out of her talented way to spice up the shoot with her rich character development.

She did all this in freezing temperatures that no actress of her stature should have to endure. If all this weren't enough, her overalls fell down at the end of a scene as she ran to the car, just so I would have a clip for the blooper reel. This day really showed me what she was made of, as I witnessed the sheer force of her talent.

She showed range and maturity as the brain dead hitch hiker who is the passenger in a car being driven by a mad man. His demands that she roll the window down has Sarah performing a show stopping hand gesture scene, complete with hundreds of unusual and entertaining facial expressions. The difficulty level of this scene was high!

First, she needed to appear intense and menacing as she lip syncs her senseless lyrics: "This cool night air is curious." THEN, she has the impossible task of repeating this scene with variety, building intensity as she goes. She NAILS IT all three times, and even threw an extra, unnecessary scene in. Highly recommended, honey.

As the self destructive hitch hiker, she has the audience wanting to take her in their arms
She had a fresh gesture each time for "this cool night air is curious!"
Here she builds scene intensity before she rolls the window down

Example of how Sarah comes through her characters.. do you see her?
In her role as "The DR." who scolds his patient that he is as "dead as dead can be," she has us thinking "Oscar?" When the bushy bearded Dr. warns "You disappoint me!", you truly feel he IS disappointed! Next, at the pivotal moment in the song when the Dr. threatens, "Maybe you're better off this way," her frightening, jerking body movements were brilliant and unexpected. Her magical use of the hand gesture is evident throughout, as in when she uses a finger spin pointed towards the sky to convey the power lyrics, "Why Can't you turn and face me!"
With a simple tug of her beard, Sarah is able to bring the Dr. to life

Menacing as the Dr., she uses the "in lens" approach that she made famous
Always the consummate professional, her wig flies off but the show goes on
Here she uses her upwards finger twirl to convey the anger in "Why can't you turn and face me!"
Her heartbreaking performance as the suicidal Maria in the song Round Here, had me wanting so much more! She played Maria with such conviction, she was unrecognizable, and this is rare. You always see Sarah in the eyes of all her characters, because her spirit is so bright. Her guitar solo for the Round Here twelve year remix was believable and the timing element she brought to the mix was, as always, perfect. To the second. She played that riff as if she owned it.
There's a girl on a car out in the parkinglot

As the suicidal Maria, she's tired of life and thinking of jumping

She brings down the house with this raw guitar solo

The pair listens real hard for a freight train
"I need a phonecall. I need a sunburn.." The pain begins to sting
Finally, when I assumed the shoot was over, she had yet another character to bring to life. She stepped into the role of Dash Croft, (a nature loving Amish fellow with a wish to unite the colors of black and white) with such a dignity that it took my breath away. With little rehearsal, she BROUGHT IT with the touching lyric line, "I am the wayfarer..."
Her admiration is evident, and she has called her co-star's portrayal of Jim Seals "pure genius"

Completely emerged in her role of Dash, she will name the child "Joshua"

Seals spreads his fingers to make a point when delivering the powerful lyric "justice"
A brilliant use of hand gesturing in showing "a straight and narrow path"
Her portrayal is so moving, you hardly notice her beard is falling off
Sarah pulls out all the stops for the line "I am the wayfarer", her eyes rolling back into her head with a fluttering motion

Dash Croft tries to help Jim Seals to his feet after Jim collapses in grief and pain